Paris cheat sheet: Terre d’Oc

Be warned ladies, if you enter this shop, you might have to break the bank afterwards. Terre d’Oc is one of the most addictive shops in Paris to me. Why? Because they sell organic beauty products and teas in the most fabulous packaging. So you’re not only won over by the prettiness, but also by the fact that it’s all so healthy and good for you. During my last visit I stocked up on tea, a tea tin, body oil and butter, and facial cream. (Read here, and here.) It really is the perfect place for gift shopping, whether it is for yourself or someone else. Especially the tea tins are too much a temptation to ignore. Everything is eco-designed, fair trade and organic. Inspired by different countries and their fragrances you are swept away on a world journey. Not to mention the beautiful colours lined up across the shop. What’s not to like about this shop? – 38 rue des Abbesses,  Montmartre

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