A Smooth, Safe Shave to stay Bikini proof (even in winter)

This entire summer I have been using a new method of shaving that I just have to share with you. It is my ultimate summer essential to stay bikini proof. Occasionally I have these strong feelings of adversity against waxing. Somehow, with me it never gets easier or less painful. So when I just can’t bear the pain of waxing yet again, and want to take it down a notch, I fall back on the old-fashioned shaving. I discovered a bio, 100% natural shaving oil that is also safe to use on your intimate parts. Razoli shaving oil for women, and for men, doesn’t contain any chemicals, no alcohol, no parabens, no parrafin and no wax. It’s 100% pure and natural made of a variety of 12 different oils a.o. sweet almond, coconut oil, palm oil, and citrus peel oil.

 Benefits of Razoli shaving oil

  • 100% natural so also safe to shave and trim your intimate parts
  • super smooth so no pain, no wounds
  • no more, or less itching and red irritation signs
  • your skin is instantly nourished and hydrated, leaving it super soft. Men won’t need after shave, and women won’t need bodylotion
  • Razoli is transparent, enabling you to see exactly what you’re doing
  • Razoli doesn’t rinse off while under the shower

Where to buy

Razoli shaving oil is available at most bio stores, the vitamin store, the official Amanprana webshop, and even via bol.com. There is a separate men’s line as well so tell your husband!

recensie razoli oil


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