Weekend tip: Lekker Laren Culinary Festival

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3584This weekend, August 25-28, the city Laren is for a third consecutive year transformed into a foodie heaven with the culinary festival Lekker Laren. Nineteen restaurants are showcasing their gastronomic talents, enabling visitors to sample signature dishes that will tickle your tastebuds. Renowned restaurants, from ‘t Gooi to Amsterdam, are bound to amaze you e.g. George L.A., ‘t Amsterdammertje, and Zuiver. Michelin star restaurant De Hoefslag takes you on a culinary journey that appeals to the eye and the palette. All dishes are in a sample size so you can get a taste and explore different restaurants’ menus. Besides the culinary experience, there is also live music, entertainment, a kids corner, and a lifestyle fair.

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Tried and tested Top 5 Restaurants

I tried and tested several dishes, one more spectacular than the other. Most dishes are 4-6 coins. Naturally the flavours are enhanced when pairing it with a good wine.

#1 Restaurant De Hoefslag

A heavenly dessert of strawberry sorbet, magnolia, yoghurt, elderflower and a basil cake. Also try the salmon ceviche.

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3578Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3579

#2 Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje/Inspiced by Andre Gerrits

Chicken and crab rouleau with smoked tea, mango chutney and king crab salad

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#3 Restaurant De Goede Gooier

With a French chef you can’t go wrong. This resaturant serves the best wine, and a salmon marinated in licorice with fennel salad, Dutch shrimp and a lime cream.

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3563Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3559

#4 Restaurant Blauw

I love Indonesian food, and Blauw is one of the best in the Netherlands, in my opinion. Their sateh (skewers) are the best, and I also love their pecel and their dorade.

#5 George L.A.

At George L.A. I indulged in a crispy pizza tuna.

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3570Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3568

The Hocras Paviljoen: 2 rotating restaurants

At the Hocras Paviljoen there are 2 different rotating restaurants each day. I got to sample Restaurant ‘t Hert’s pretzel hotdog and restaurant Lust’s ravioli. Coming days you can expect a.o. restaurants De Melodie from Soest, the Amstel Boathouse, Huize Hermans, and Brasserie Gsje.

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3537Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3532

The Lifestyle market

At the Lifestyle market, you can buy exclusive artisan products and delicacies. My favourite is Paradijshof. The two brothers offer exclusive traditional homemade chutneys, sauces and curries. The flavours are unprecedented and the recipes very unique. Ever had a chutney with white truffle? Or a sauce of ginger and limoncello? I spent over an hour at this vendour and urge you to taste them. Then try to leave empty-handed.

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Tickets are available at the door for € 9,50 per day or € 19,50 for 4 days. Children 0-16 yrs free entrance. More info: www.lekkerlaren.nl


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