Ibride wannahaves

Through the years I have blogged about Ibride multiple times (see here and here). I just love each and every collection they bring out. At the Maison et Objet home decor fair, I was yet again in awe of their latest collection. The new collection consists of gorgeous, whimsical table ware design, and romantic floral tray tables and accent pillows. The Yuan Parnasse line is designed by Benoît Convers and illustrated by Rachel Convers, the plates and bowls are reminiscent of the Roman era. And just like all their previous collections they can be stacked to form a Ming vase.

ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3835 ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3837 ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3838 ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3839 ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3840 ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3848ibride-collection-2017-by-30smagazine-3832

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