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Have you also noticed that these days people prefer to skim texts and rather look at beautiful pictures that tell the story? While the masses have finally caught on to the app instagram to share nice frames, the early app adopters have already moved on to the new kid on the app block: The Steller app! I’m totally obsessed with it. I recently added my own 4 visual stories and grouped them in a collection called Dutch Diggs, featuring Dutch homes I photographed. I’ll soon be adding more homes as well as travel photos.

steller prtscr 2

Once you have installed the app you are all set to browse the most beautiful visual stories by other users. Although everyone can make a photo album or story as it is called in Steller, only the crop of the cream photo stories get selected by the Steller team to appear in the public stories stream.

You can also create and browse in collections which are themed or grouped “albums”, follow friends and family, like and save stories, share them with others, or just opt to stay inactive and only enjoy the photos by others. From nature, to interiors and recipes, there are multiple collections to admire. Once you start creating your own, you’ll see how easy it is. The app offers different lay-outs and text lay-overs. If you have beautiful photos, or like to look at beautiful photography, give it a try!

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