Steller app: visual stories, stunning photos

Have you also noticed that these days people prefer to skim texts and rather look at beautiful pictures that tell the story? While the masses have finally caught on to the app instagram to share nice frames, the early app adopters have already moved on to the new kid on the app block: The Steller […]

Slick up your earphones

We call hands free, we listen to our music on the go, and we play games on our phones with our earplugs in. So why not slick up those white buds and set yourself apart from the rest? Inspired by New York’s fashion and lifestyle scene, East Village Love created a range of ear phones […]

Tote your Tablet in Style

Now this is what I call a statement piece. The oversized two-tone legacy clutch from Coach can be worn either as a day clutch, or as your iPad holder. The clutch shape sleeve has a protective interior lining to tote your tablet in style. For your smart phone there is a smaller wristlet with extra […]

Make up your Phone

Love, love, love these phone cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The cases will have your cell looking so fashionable that the paparazzi will come flocking. They are the ultimate fashion statement and a great way to dress up your phone and keep it protected. People will turn heads when you pull this one out of […]

Primp your Phone with Marimekko

Primp your iPhone with the colorful Marimekko covers. A little Finnish flair goes a long way with trendy designs like the black and yellow polka dots, or circles of black and white waving in and out across the back of your phone . Your iPhone is instantly upgraded with this season’s hottest patterns and colours. Marimekko […]

Capture your daily life with the Room for Thought app

Hello again, and happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break if you had one. I sure did. Loads of people have made new year resolutions or are planning to start a new habit. One could be e.g. to enjoy and savour the little, mundane things in life more consciously. How? By […]

Instagram your life

Do you already use the Instagram app on your smartphone or iPad? If not, you are missing out on something fun and handy. Instagram is a great way to document and share your life on-the-go through pictures. Even the most amateur photographer becomes a pro with the instagram app. What I love about instagram is […]