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Do you already use the Instagram app on your smartphone or iPad? If not, you are missing out on something fun and handy. Instagram is a great way to document and share your life on-the-go through pictures. Even the most amateur photographer becomes a pro with the instagram app. What I love about instagram is that even in the most unexpected circumstances you can capture the moment, and tweak the photo to highlight what is most important, thus telling the story in one image. It’s a great way to capture and appreciate the ordinary, random things and daily life.

The instagram app allows you to take a photo, edit it in max 2 steps (filter and blur), and share it with your friends and family. You can also share it by e-mail or on social networks. And if you’re really proud of your work, you can also set your profile on “public” so that other photography-lovers can follow you too or vice versa.

Businesses caught on to this trend in photography and are now offering to create your own instagram magnets, coffee table books, prints on canvas, or phone case. I recently opened my own instagram gallery where you can buy my photos on canvas. (Click here to visit my gallery). Instagram started out to be an app most people used to photograph their food. By now it has grown into a real hobby, with instagram photo-walking-tours and instagram competitions. Try it, it is really fun!

My Summer through Instagram

It was a dreary summer, but luckily we also had a few days that were hot enough to go to the beach

And sunny days bring beautiful sunsets.

My weekly Saturday routine was a visit to the orchard to pick my own fruit. (click here to read my post about the pick-your-own farm)

So I ate a lot of fruit this summer. Freshly picked is without a doubt the best!

I also visited the flower fields occasionally to pick flowers, and took walks in the park to enjoy the colours of summer.

These were taken on my way to a business meeting in Schiedam. Turns out, Schiedam has a beautiful historical packing district.

I always like to snoop around in vintage shops, like this one in Leiden where they have some precious pieces of yesteryear.

And yes, I also photograph my food like everybody else on instagram.

When I’m bored, I start making artistic photos of things at home…

A visit to the Betuwe, to get away from the bustling city and soak up some country life. Walking, enjoying nature, and picking fruit. Lovely!

And sometimes something just catches your eye, and you have to photograph it. (translation text in middle: “One who doesn’t make mistakes, usually doesn’t create anything) Follow me on instagram for more photos, my profile is public, and you can find and add me by the username “louisedemir”.

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