Yoram Roth’s Photography exhibition Hanjo

Buying art for your home is probably the most difficult thing to do in interior styling. Or at least, I think it is. I have very strong feelings about what goes up on my walls. In my opinion it has to be something that either represents you, your lifestyle, be your own work, or it […]

London Red

Last night I got back from a long weekend in London, attending a bloggers conference. I made lots of photos, discovered great new shops, enjoyed great dinners with friends and stayed in two amazing hotels. I will share all my new finds with you coming weeks. During my stay I made an effort to photograph […]

Capture your daily life with the Room for Thought app

Hello again, and happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break if you had one. I sure did. Loads of people have made new year resolutions or are planning to start a new habit. One could be e.g. to enjoy and savour the little, mundane things in life more consciously. How? By […]

Instagram your life

Do you already use the Instagram app on your smartphone or iPad? If not, you are missing out on something fun and handy. Instagram is a great way to document and share your life on-the-go through pictures. Even the most amateur photographer becomes a pro with the instagram app. What I love about instagram is […]