London Red

Last night I got back from a long weekend in London, attending a bloggers conference. I made lots of photos, discovered great new shops, enjoyed great dinners with friends and stayed in two amazing hotels. I will share all my new finds with you coming weeks.

During my stay I made an effort to photograph everything red that crossed my path. It’s a fun thing to do while on holiday. Pick a theme, any theme, and you will start being more conscious about it and will discover beautiful things you would otherwise have passed without noticing. I chose to photograph beautiful doors a long time ago, and have a huge collection of door photos. You can see a few of the doors I photographed around the world in my blogpost from Door to Door and in the post Doors app. Today I’m sharing a selection of London Red…

Do you have a theme you always photograph around the world? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear it!

IMG_8476 London red 2 London red 4 London red 5 London red 7



  1. What a great idea – I am going to try this when shopping for an interiors project. Taking pics of all the things I see for one home in one colour theme.

  2. Love this idea! So fun! We are visiting London in July so I may have to copy you.

    • Hi Raul,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be sharing much more tips from London coming weeks, and also please visit my other London blog posts in the travel category which I wrote in November and December.

      Are you related to Dawn Pasco?

  3. Hi Louise, I commented above and for some reason it took my son’s login name for Spanish class Raulsiete (very strange).

    • oh haha, I just replied if he was related to you 🙂 Have you seen all my London blog posts I wrote in Nov and Dec 2012? All great shopping itineraries.

      This weekend I was thinking about you, because I found a shop where they sell the Magpie ceramics. I will feature it on the blog coming week.

  4. I had come across all the red in my photos of London by accident. But I love the idea of doing a theme on purpose. Your photos are wonderful! Karen

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