London Red

Last night I got back from a long weekend in London, attending a bloggers conference. I made lots of photos, discovered great new shops, enjoyed great dinners with friends and stayed in two amazing hotels. I will share all my new finds with you coming weeks.

During my stay I made an effort to photograph everything red that crossed my path. It’s a fun thing to do while on holiday. Pick a theme, any theme, and you will start being more conscious about it and will discover beautiful things you would otherwise have passed without noticing. I chose to photograph beautiful doors a long time ago, and have a huge collection of door photos. You can see a few of the doors I photographed around the world in my blogpost from Door to Door and in the post Doors app. Today I’m sharing a selection of London Red…

Do you have a theme you always photograph around the world? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear it!

IMG_8476 London red 2 London red 4 London red 5 London red 7


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7 thoughts on “London Red

    1. Hi Raul,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be sharing much more tips from London coming weeks, and also please visit my other London blog posts in the travel category which I wrote in November and December.

      Are you related to Dawn Pasco?

    1. oh haha, I just replied if he was related to you 🙂 Have you seen all my London blog posts I wrote in Nov and Dec 2012? All great shopping itineraries.

      This weekend I was thinking about you, because I found a shop where they sell the Magpie ceramics. I will feature it on the blog coming week.

  1. I had come across all the red in my photos of London by accident. But I love the idea of doing a theme on purpose. Your photos are wonderful! Karen

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