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I’m back from London with loads of new tips and addresses in my little black book. One of the shops I would like to share with you today might be of interest to you if you are traveling to London within the next few weeks, or if you live in London.  It’s a pop-up store by Selvedge: a bi-monthly magazine  for interior textile and fashion designers. For those who don’t know what a pop-up shop is, it’s a shop that is only there for a limited period because it’s usually a webstore, or just pops up to promote itself in another location than its usual.

Selvedge is a resource for those who love handmade products, and authentic designs by local artisans and small businesses. The pages of Selvedge come to life in this gallery-like pop-up shop inside conceptstore Anthropologie on 139 King’s Road, London.

The pop-up shop is like a haberdashery with a twist, boasting handmade crafts and sewing supplies. And even if you are not a crafter and don’t know what to do with needle and thread, it’s fun to browse, buy and admire the many handmade products.

The pop-up shop will last until March 29, 2013.

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photos 1-9 ©30s Magazine

photos 10-13 ©Antropologie

2 thoughts on “Selvedge Pop-up Store

  1. A lovely write up Louise. The original Selvedge store is in North London is really close to me, so no excuse for not having visit it. However, I do attend their fairs, one due next week. It is a great place to discover new talents and spend! It was wonderful seeing you this weekend and thanks for organising everything so well. xx

  2. Dear Louise. Thank you very much for this lovely review of our pop-up shop. We have a fair at the Chelsea Old Town Hall this weekend which you and your readers are very welcome to attend. Best wishes, Selvedge Team x

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