Feidias Chania

Crete Travel Diary: Hotspot Restaurant & Bar Feidias

Whenever I’m travelling I like to go off the beaten track and find cool and nice places that aren’t touristy. For the ILoveGriekenland.nl website I was to find such a place in Chania. A local acquaintance told me to go to Restaurant & Bar Feidias. Here you’ll find few to none tourists, and you can mingle with the locals. Feidias is located a short car drive outside of the old city center, or you might want to take the bus (11 or 18) since finding a parking spot was kind of a hassle. However, I went there for breakfast, so in the evening circumstances might be different. Feidias is in a beautiful residential area with gorgeous stately houses.

Feidias Chania

Feidias serves Mediterranean food. There is a large outside, shady terrace. Inside is stylishly decorated with design lamps, jade green walls, and leather seats. During breakfast time it is a favourite spot for local business people and locals meeting for coffee. The coffee was indeed, very, very good! And so was the breakfast! The waiters (all 3 of them) however were very unfriendly to me and seemed not to like their job or me being there. Don’t expect to see a friendly face or get a smile from them. If you can look past that you’ll like this place because the food and entourage is great! Just don’t give them a tip 🙂

Feidias – Open daily from 8 a.m till 3 p.m. – address: on the roundabout Eleytherias (Dikastirion) Square

Feidias Chania Feidias Chania Feidias Chania

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