How to add small seasonal touches in your interior

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather with crisp air, clear blue skies and radiant sun . On days like those I love to go into nature with my camera to capture the vivid colours of the changing leafs. But also to pick apples, and to collect fall’s treasures like chestnuts, leafs and branches with berries. I like to add those small seasonal touches in my interior. I also love to press the leafs and keep them in a small notebook to adorn my notes and creative writing. Here’s how…

Display your fall finds in a pretty jar. Inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest, I wrapped some leafs around a candle and tied it with rope and a vintage button.

Frame a variety of fall leafs to bring the colours of autumn inside. Chinese lanterns, poppies, and a branch with coloured leafs in vintage bottles finishes the still life.

All photos ©L. de Miranda. If you would like to use them you may as long as you credit me and link back.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments! Because of the organizing bin in the kitchen, I sell this in my shop Villa Koenig. Right now they are sold out, but reordered.
    I really love your moodboards and the style of your photos! So great!!! Have to read and see more…I think in the evening I will come back to check out your wonderful blog. XOXO Yvonne (BYW)

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