Blend in autumn decorations in your interior

By now I guess most of us have the autumn decorations up and in the US people are prepping for upcoming Halloween. But for those who are still looking for inspiration to add the final touches, I would like to share my own autumnal accents in my home. This year I kept it low-key with […]

Healthy autumn snacks

It’s weekend, and that means indulging in extra snacks. Snacking doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. Savour fall’s fruits like apples and pears by juicing them. Or have some roasted tame chestnuts to nibble on. You wouldn’t want to eat wild chestnuts, but just for the fun of it, collecting them in the wood with […]

How to add small seasonal touches in your interior

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather with crisp air, clear blue skies and radiant sun . On days like those I love to go into nature with my camera to capture the vivid colours of the changing leafs. But also to pick apples, and to collect fall’s treasures like chestnuts, leafs and branches with […]