Blend in autumn decorations in your interior

By now I guess most of us have the autumn decorations up and in the US people are prepping for upcoming Halloween. But for those who are still looking for inspiration to add the final touches, I would like to share my own autumnal accents in my home. This year I kept it low-key with here and there a small detail. Focal point is a self-crafted decoration hanging over the table: pressed autumn leaves, honeycombs and other small accessories dangling above my head, hanging down by white ribbons.

autumn decorationsdecorating with pressed leafsherfst slingers

On a side table I grouped white bottles, a bowl and vases to hold Chinese lantern branches, white spray painted dried corn, and billy balls. Another subtle way to bring in autumn is by using seasonal fruit like pears or apples, or just a succulent with autumnal hues. Or go out foraging in the woods and look for chestnuts, pine cones and anything you like to display under a bell jar.

white autumn vignette

pears to decorateautumn coffee table herfstfruitchestnuts beljarYou might also like

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