Blend in autumn decorations in your interior

By now I guess most of us have the autumn decorations up and in the US people are prepping for upcoming Halloween. But for those who are still looking for inspiration to add the final touches, I would like to share my own autumnal accents in my home. This year I kept it low-key with […]

Home impressions: Colour parade

The third inspirational home concept at the Woonbeurs Amsterdam I like to share is by the Dutch magazine 101 woonideeën (101 living ideas). Their garden is by  gardening magazine Tuin & Co (garden & co). This home is a mix of industrial, playful, and robust elements. But there are also ethnic influences in the Latin […]

Paying tribute to your heritage in your home decor

Although I was born and raised in the Netherlands, my real roots are in Suriname, a former colony of the Netherlands in the northeast of South America, bordering to Brazil. It’s a beautiful country with its unspoiled tropical rainforest, swamps, mountains, many rivers, waterfalls and a historical capital center that is on UNESCO’s World Heritage […]