Easter decoration revisited

I was going through my Easter photos of last year’s and the year before that, and I was thinking: How am I going to top that? I would like to do something different each year to keep it fresh and interesting. But then I realized that a big part of my new readership might not have gone back into my archives to see what I did last year. So today I’m sharing a few never shown before photos, and I revisit some old photos of my Easter decor of last year to get you inspired and in the mood for the upcoming holidays.

Easter decor 1

By adding little vignettes throughout your home, you can bring spring inside. All it takes is a bell jar and a bit of creativity.Easter decor 2

Bring out your vintage teacups to create a whimsical high tea, or use them as planters for hyacinth bulbs.Easter decor 3

These cute little houses are from Studio Ditte. You can fold them yourself, and they also come with a name tag. Perfect for your tablesetting!

Easter decor 4

Easter decor 5

Use an old paint can as a planter for spring bulbs. Decorate it with masking tape, craft label and string, and you made your own unique planter! A white ceramic milk jug (Ikea) works perfectly as a vase and gives your flowers a county look.

lace jars

I made these jars myself. It’s quite easy: all you need is lace, empty jars, string, a button, spray glue and paper. You can use the jars as vases, or to hold treats. Or put in a tealight and you have a pretty candle holder.

Easter decor 6Pompoms are still hot and trendy, as are honeycombs. I get mine at LangzalzeLeven.com (cheapest address I know) but I recently noticed that HEMA is now also into the pompoms mania.

Easter eggs pastel 2 easter eggs pastel

Last year I painted my eggs in pretty pastels and decorated them with ribbon and lace.


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