Chanel pop-up store in Saint Tropez

Hello! I’m back from the  French Riviera! I loved it! I hope you got a glimpse of my holiday by following me on instagram? I tried to share as much pictures of my journey, while still enjoying my offline break. I would like to kick off my tips and experiences in the Côte d’Azur with the Chanel pop-up store in Saint Tropez. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take my own photos, so I’m using Chanel’s pictures.chanelst2

The pop up store, that has landed in the private mansion La Mistralée for the fifth consecutive year, features a luxurious garden, and a swimming pool with Coco Chanel’s favourite carnation the camellia floating in its center. The different rooms are sleek and minimalist, all in different colours (navy, pink, burgundy), showcasing the mostly monochrome 2015 spring-summer collection. The hard wooden floors are painted the famed Chanel red, in reference to the iconic Chanel bag interiors.chanelst3chanelst7chanelst6

Most impressive is the verriere, a glass-roofed room bathed in light and with a rotunda ceiling from where hangs a giant white and gold camellia. There you are presented with watches and the Mme Prive collection. The blue painted vestibule is where you’ll find the ‘ready-to-wear’ collection. For accessories and shoes you go to the pink salon. Don’t forget to pop in to the pool house that is entirely dedicated to skincare and beauty products and beachwear.chanelst4

The boutique will be open until October 2015.chanelst1

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