An Easter table bursting with colour

Who says your Easter table setting has to involve numerous bunnies and piles of coloured eggs? This year I leave out the conventional accessories and will instead mimic a blooming spring garden table (by lack of one outside). I decorated  the Easter branches with cute birds and a few dispersed hanging ribbons. As a centerpiece I group a large collection of miniature watering cans in popping colours, alternated by tin plant pots with flower bulbs in bloom. Each place setting includes a pastel coloured vase with a flower and a garden tool with a label as the name place card. The only bunnies I do use are the felt egg warmers.

If you want to go overboard on the ‘garden theme’  you can also use the faux grass mats I used in one of my previous posts. I didn’t because my signature style is to use as many natural things in the centerpiece as possible. I prefer real flowers and branches. (For my shopping list of the used items, scroll down)

Easter table 2

Easter table

bunny egg warmer

easter place setttings

easter branches dragon fly clipping clipping birds

watering cans easter table flowers easter table

Product details:

  • clipping birds, pastel vases, watering cans, gardening tools, tin plant pots, pink votives, white beakers – Flying Tiger
  • bunny egg warmers, blue napkins – Dille & Kamille

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