Clutch and charge

With all that whatsapping, instagramming and facebooking, your smart phone runs out of battery quickly. That’s why Everpurse is the best invention since the hair straightener. The revolutionary accessory is a clutch with a built-in charger for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII. You simply slip your phone into the purse, onto the docking station at the bottom.  No fishing for cords, or other loose appliances needed. The purse itself can again be charged when you get home, by placing it on  a special wireless charging mat.  How cool is that? And the best is yet to come…for once they designed a gizmo that is fashion forward. The clutches come in different colours, patterns and in leather and fabric.

leather-croc-green@2xEverpurse_PRINT_045 IMG_0078_0

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