4 Ways to Buff up your interior with Copper

Copper is THE hottest trend this season. Once only imaginable in your grandmothers house or under a layer of dust in the attic, it is now considered hip and eclectic. The image of medieval times cookware and servants getting it to gleam is soon forgotten when you see how current design brands have found whole new ways to make it contemporary and sophisticated again. Especially copper pendant lamps and decorative accent pieces like vases and candle holders are sought after items.

Although we see the copper accent pieces mostly used in rustic, raw interior design compositions, it actually fits in well in every interior style. Coppery metals used in interior decoration are usually copper, brasses, or gilts, all of which have been finished by being polished, brushed, sanded, or bead blasted. Consequently, there is a wide range of copper hues from raw copper to a gleaming “steampunk” brass with smooth, gleaming luxurious reds.

A copper accent piece will blend perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles. To demonstrate this I transposed a vase from HK Living which I got at local shop Pluum, in 4 different settings creating 4 different styles :

1. Ethnic Chic

Combined with Mediterranean hues like e.g. blue, turquoise, and gold it evokes a rich, opulent feel yet also warm and inviting.

copper 4

2. Contemporary colorful

Set the gleaming copper against fresh colours and playfull patterns and you’ll get a whole different feel. It’s now fun and edgy, don’t you think?

copper vase 2

3. Vintage Cottage

Paired with vintage treasures like books and whimsical or classic floral fabrics or wallpaper make this copper vase appear like a real vintage find yet with modern lines and a sophisticated look.

copper vase 1

4. Scandanavian sophistication

A clean and uncluttered look is easily accomplished when you match copper with black and white and rustic elements like feathers and an antler. The gleaming copper vase really pops set against the black and white stripes. You instantly get more depth, texture and character.

copper rustic style


  1. I love how you show all of the different looks with copper. It makes me want to go out and buy something copper now.

  2. Ik moet denken aan het koper van mijn moeder en aan het werk dat ze had om het schoon te houden. Geen koper voor mij 😉

  3. Great styling work Louise! I really like how your reinterpreted the same center piece in different vignettes. Oh and I love copper, too. I have a fabulous copper candleholder – and I love it:-)

  4. I love these vignettes, too. Very nice styling work!

  5. Where can I find that copper vase? It’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks in advance.


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