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Spring cleaning is in full swing at my house. Once the first rays of sun disclose themselves and temperatures rise, I get busy and start to declutter my closets. I throw out clothes I haven’t worn in years, and neatly organize everything. A lot of people use plastic and iron thread hangers, but I once read that your precious and delicate wear keeps its forms and shapes better when draped over a qualitative solid hanger. It does make sense, doesn’t it? Just throw away those cheap hangers you get at the dry cleaners, and invest in quality hangers, because your clothes deserve it.

It turns out that there are many designs to tailor everyone’s needs. Are you a fashionista, city dweller, or interior design geek? Show it off in your closet!

hangers - citydweller

These cityscape hangers are designed by Christopher Jarratt. You can buy them here.


Sophisticated pearls, rustic wood, nautical rope or playful beads. The pret-a-porter hangers at Cintribille are super glam for the fashionista at heart. All four styles come in different colours and models. For international sales points click here.

abitudini ap8

Abitudini is a series of coat hangers designed by antonello fusè that utilizes old chair backs and cuts off their back at various points. He then attaches a simple metal curve to the top of the chair back transforming it into a coat hanger. You can find out more about the hangers here.

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