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The days seem really short now, don’t they? Although I’m not a fan of winter, there is something special about those dark days I do like: you start to light up candles, drink hot coco and enjoy your warm and cozy home much more while it’s cold outside. So it’s time again to look for pretty candles, and tea light holders. I’ve been eyeing the ceramic designs by Swedish Anna-Carin Dahl for a while now. Her tea candle holders and small vases designs are perfect for winter.

Anna-Carin creates her ceramic designs from her studio in the cosy little town Glemmingebro in the southernmost part of Sweden. Most of it is handmade either in her own studio or in Vietnam. The tea light holders for example are made of the finest porcelain with illustrations of animals, plants and typical images of the Scandinavian forest.  The porcelain is so fine that the light shines through casting a whimsical light in your space. Find out where to buy them here. I spotted the designs at Rotterdam hot spot: Van Binnen

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