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I’m a fervent advocate of decorating a space with souvenirs and memorabilia collected on journeys. I think it makes a house a home, and adds character and personality to a space. That’s why I love the 2014 home fashion trend: Modern Nomad. The style is influenced by globalization and the fact that traveling is taking an increasing role in our lives. At the Dutch furniture fair the Woonbeurs, as well as at the ETC Meet the Masters of Interior fair, I spotted great examples how you can incorporate the Modern Nomad style into your interior without going overboard.

Modern Nomad trend

What is the Modern Nomad home fashion style?

The style uses rich and deep colours like purple, burgundy red, brown, orange and gold accents. It uses bold patterns like ikat and tie dye, and (pure) natural materials like leather, faux fur, feathers and suede. Kelim rugs and pillow cases are abundant as are native Indian patterns. The style trend encourages to display collections of souvenirs, treasures and earthenware and copper accessories, assembled together on a shelf or side table. Coloured glass lamps complete the look.

nomad trendIMG_4954 nomads trend

At the model home of Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeën they integrated the Modern Nomad style trend in a modern and light interior by use of details and accents. Although I don’t camp like a nomad (I would hesitantly consider glamping), I do like the influences, for example, rough field bed designs or wooden trunks as a cabinet.IMG_4398

field bed design IMG_4389

If you’re going for a more chic and elegant style, you might want to consider adding subtle touches: pillow cases, a rug, or small accessories. Keijser & Co created a great example.Keizer en co Modern Nomad style


So what do you think about this trend? Is it a keeper?

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