5 Ideas for decorating with recycled glass jugs and vases

Hello dear readers of 30smagazine! My name is Magda and I am creator and author of nice&nicer blog, where I post about interior and design inspirations. Today I have the pleasure to be a guest writer for Louise and I am very happy about this opportunity!

Have it ever happened to you that you liked a certain home accessory or decor from the moment you saw it in a shop or in a picture? Have you ever laid your eyes on something and started thinking instantaneously where it would fit in your home and you just wanted to buy it right away and not a second later? Well, I have to admit that I experienced this love at the first sight- feeling not too long ago, while I was shopping in Hanover (read here). The object of my desire is a beautiful recycled glass jug in this very hot emerald hue. Although that day I did not buy the vase, I just know I am going to do it next time I see something similar – no doubt about it! It does not have to be in emerald; in fact, I love recycled glass jugs in every color and shape! [continue reading after picture]

glass jug flower vase

In the meantime, I have been collecting inspirations for decorating with these beautiful pieces. I really love that the vases are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. They look fantastic both as traditional flower vases as well as…lamp pendants! I also like the idea of using recycled glass jugs as table lamp stands. To build such a lamp would be definitely a fun DIY, don’t you think? Truly, no two bottles are alike and they are so eye catching when grouped. Even a single jug holding one branch can make a huge visual impact when placed on a table as centerpiece. Take a look at the little mood boards I created – I think you cannot go wrong with this timeless accessory! [continue reading after pictures]

glass jug pendant glass jug illumination glass jug collection glass jug table lamp

Do you decorate your home with recycled glass jugs and vases? I remember Louise used one oversize recycled blue vase when decorating for fall as a vase but she and I would love to hear more of your ideas and inspirations!

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  1. I have a clear glass vase like this that I bought from an antiques market last year. It’d really big and so far my favourite has been to have huge sunflowers in it. There is so much one can do with them…

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