Trend: Is it a glove? Is it a Mitten? It’s a Glitten!

Hi all, I’m back! Still a bit sick but well enough to get creative again. Today I went outside after 6 days of bed rest and OMG it’s cold! The weather forecast says it’s going to be even colder coming week. Gladly I had my glittens with me. Your what? Yes, my glittens! I have no idea what the official term is, but I call them glittens (or in Dutch Wantschoenen). It’s a hot trend this winter. The convertible mitten trend is taking over the cute but awkward mittens and sophisticated but still cold gloves. You just flip on your mittens when needed and flip them back if you don’t. A small button keeps them in their place. I have seen knit pairs at the shop Accessorize and Dutch department store V&D.

But I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t find myself a unique pair nobody else has: mine are calves leather designer ones from London, by the brand ECHO lined with aloe vera microbursts inside that moisturize and soften my hands every time I wear them. Am I chic or what? They are perfect for when I go out to photograph because you can quickly switch from mitten to gloves to handle the camera knobs. This is a fashion trend you want to follow for sure!


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