Book review: Fashion House by Megan Hess

I have never been happier with a book than with the book by my favourite fashion illustrator: Megan Hess! Megan Hess is an internationally renowned illustrator whose work has been on the covers of books by Candace Bushnell (e.g. Sex and the City), in fashion magazines, and on marketing collateral and advertisements of Tiffany & Co, Dior, Chanel and Vanity Fair. Her book Fashion house, illustrated interiors from the icons of style, published by Hardie Grant Books,  is a chic coffee table book featuring elegant interiors and fashionable icons, with tips how to mimic the style.

The book starts with 10 essential pieces that she considers the ultimate interior accessories. Then she moves on to rooms to swoon over…lots of them! From the vintage loft of Ingrid Birkin, to the Audrey Hepburn room and a typical Versace room. Megan Hess recreates vibrant and colourful depictions of fashionable interiors and their inhabitants and pays tribute to their decorative style and sense of fashion.

Fashion House

Fashion House beach Fashion House review 2 Fashion House review

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