Warm up your Home with Mini Moderns

Warm up your home this winter with Mini Moderns’ colourful accessories to counter balance the gloomy and rainy days. Their latest collection Buddha of Suburbia transports you to Eastern destinations with the colours of bazaars, patterns reminiscent of ethnic tiles and paintings, and the appeal of folklore and traditions. Vivid orange and yellow, or deep indigo will spice up your interior. But it’s not only the look, it’s also the material; their cotton dhurries (thick flat-woven rugs) are hand woven in Jaipur by a family associated with the craft since the 19th century. They combine contemporary graphic pattern with traditional craftsmanship. Their graphic wallpaper and paint hues are real conversation starters.

In the Netherlands available at Motifs.nl For international stockists click here.

minimoderns collectionminimoderns  paint minimoderns blue minimoderns darjeeling wallpaper


  1. Love them and love Buddha of Suburbia. HOWEVER, their latest offerings is ‘Hinterland’, a wonderful collection. Get with the program woman!! :-))

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