Jongerius shippo plates

Whoever says that you have to throw away stuff that you haven’t used for a year needs to start rethinking that golden rule. How often has it happened to you that you threw something away and a few years later that same pair of trousers, or a slightly different design of your old side table, came back in to fashion? Not to mention that design vintage is the new trend, and thrift stores are having their hay days. So I thought it was time to revisit a design from 2007 by renowned Dutch designer Hella Jongerius that is back on trend: The Shippo Plates

jongerius plates

The plates, made of copper and enamel were commissioned by design store Cibone in Tokyo and also produced for the shop Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam. The collection is a contemporary interpretation of an almost lost craft: ‘shippo cloisonné’ or ‘enamel’. The depictions are reinterpretations of old deco­rations, combined with untreated copper, which will eventually turn black /green.

Copper, as well as a wall decorated with a collection of beautiful plates, are two current trends in home decorating. These 7 year-old designs are therefore perfect to get with the program. – Available at Frozen Fountain and Cibone

jongerius plates 3 jongerius plates 2

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