Jongerius shippo plates

Whoever says that you have to throw away stuff that you haven’t used for a year needs to start rethinking that golden rule. How often has it happened to you that you threw something away and a few years later that same pair of trousers, or a slightly different design of your old side table, […]

Cooking just got sweeter

Cooking just got sweeter with my new aqua blue enamel pot of Austrian brand Riess. This enamel pot is only one in a whole range of products: from pans to casserole dishes and aroma pots in all sizes and soft tone or bright colours. Enamel cookware always reminds me of foregone times. But the pastel […]

Shopping at Tierlantijn

One of my favourite shops in Groningen is Tierlantijn. And as Groningen is a long drive, I’m happy that they also have a webshop. The store is run by 38 year old Ilona de Jong, mother of two. She selects precious finds, lifestyle accessories with a natural look, and robust items. Her assortment can be […]