Cooking just got sweeter

Cooking just got sweeter with my new aqua blue enamel pot of Austrian brand Riess. This enamel pot is only one in a whole range of products: from pans to casserole dishes and aroma pots in all sizes and soft tone or bright colours. Enamel cookware always reminds me of foregone times. But the pastel colours and streamlined shapes and lines make it all contemporary again. On top of that, cooking in enamel is said to be healthier and more hygienic due to its anti-bacteria surfaces. Once the enamel is hot, it remains hot longer than a regular pan thus saving energy. Enamel won’t absorb or emit substances so your food’s flavours will be purer. Riess products are also UV resistant, abraison resistant, and dishwasher safe.  What I like especially of this one is the spout that enables me to easily pour my soup, milk or sauce.  I might exchange all my pots and pans for Riess since these last a lifetime and are just plain and simple much nicer looking.

Visit their website here. In the Netherlands you can buy them here.

enamel aqua blue pot enamel pot


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  1. These are so pretty Louise. Powder blue would be perfect for my kitchen. And how much of a nicer experience woul it be cooking with such pretty pans? These are going straight on my wishlist. X

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