Become a Master Chef while Dish Drying

Last weekend I discovered these super fun tea towels. The tea towels are British designs by Stuart Gardiner Design and are part of a whole collection of seasonal guides. Laid out they give you a month by month overview of when it’s time for that certain fruit, vegetable, wild foods, garden flower or seafood to be in season. Seasonal cooking and gardening made easy with these calendars hanging in the kitchen.

In addition there are also two wine pairing guide towels. Available in red and white wine versions, the tea towels cover 68 popular wines, with each one rated against 56 different food entries – that’s 3808 possible combos covered! Pairings are rated as excellent, good and best avoided. The foods are comprehensively grouped into 7 categories: Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Flavours & Herbs, Taste, International Dishes, Vegs & Vegetarian, and Dairy. There’s also additional info on acidity, body, tannins and sweetness for each wine listed.

They are made of unbleached organic cotton and £10 a piece or £35 for four. Stuart Gardiner also ships internationally.fish_tea_towel Howkapow-Stuart-GardinerFrui-Veg-Tea-Towel seasonal_flowers stuart-gardiner-red-and-white-wine-pairing-tea-towel


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