5 DIY Advent Calendars

I’m already counting down to Christmas, but officially you shouldn’t start until the first of December. That leaves us ten more days to make an advent calendar. Here is a round up of ideas to craft one that stands out. 1. Carnet Parisiens fill up a pine wooden tree with small origami pyramids. Just go […]

Become a Master Chef while Dish Drying

Last weekend I discovered these super fun tea towels. The tea towels are British designs by Stuart Gardiner Design and are part of a whole collection of seasonal guides. Laid out they give you a month by month overview of when it’s time for that certain fruit, vegetable, wild foods, garden flower or seafood to […]

New year, new calendar

Welcome to 2013 and welcome to a new month. Something I always look forward to is picking out my favourite monthly desktop calendar. By now you know that I have a few favourite illustrators I turn to when choosing my desktop calendars. Moreover, I occasionally can’t choose between them, so I change frequently to enjoy all of […]

Cheerful desktop calendars for August

Can you believe it’s August already? One thing I always like about moving into a new month are the new desktop wallpaper calendars that are offered for free monthly by some talented illustrators. They are all so nice that it’s hard to choose. In May I already summed up my favourites, but for those who […]