Book review: Fashion House by Megan Hess

I have never been happier with a book than with the book by my favourite fashion illustrator: Megan Hess! Megan Hess is an internationally renowned illustrator whose work has been on the covers of books by Candace Bushnell (e.g. Sex and the City), in fashion magazines, and on marketing collateral and advertisements of Tiffany & […]

The Home of Megan Hess

I’m a huge fan of Megan Hess, a renowned Australian fashion illustrator. You might recall my blog posts about her work, or about her book Fashion House. Her style is effortlessly chic and timeless elegant. Her illustrations are so distinct and stylish that I recognize her hand at one glance. But what I love most […]

Piet Paris exhibition

Piet Paris is considered one of the most important fashion illustrators of the era. His recognizable style can be seen in international magazines and companies all over the world. Paris created illustrations and (window) displays for the American department-store Saks Fifth Avenue as well as the décor for Viktor & Rolf’s fashion show. Paris’ illustrations […]

When Art meets Fashion

Although I don’t often write about it, I’m a real fashion victim. My closets are about to explode due to all the clothes, shoes and handbags I have  sorted in there. A walk-in-closet the size of my bedroom would be a great alternative by now. But what I also love, is art depicting fashion. There […]