The Home of Megan Hess

I’m a huge fan of Megan Hess, a renowned Australian fashion illustrator. You might recall my blog posts about her work, or about her book Fashion House. Her style is effortlessly chic and timeless elegant. Her illustrations are so distinct and stylish that I recognize her hand at one glance. But what I love most about Megan is her home. Her house has been featured twice in Adore Magazine, and both times I was mesmerized and couldn’t stop flipping the pages and zooming in on the details. For me, her home is my dream house. It has all my favourite colours, stylish accessories and an airy and light feel to it.  It’s pure perfection but still comfy. Sure, it is very feminine, and I wonder if any man would like to spend more than a few hours in the space, but for a single woman who loves Audrey Hepburn, classic fashion, and luxury, it’s perfect.

Megan Hess tablemegan-hess-home-interiors-decor-art-arhitektura-439f0afc38fa5e83ef29a69bd1ac91188megan hess home 1Megan hess livingroom569dacab7e53208fae079c89fa0de967megan hess home studio 2

megan hess housemegan-hess-home-interiors-decor-art-arhitektura-4negan hess home bathroom 1

All photos are ©Adore Magazine, April 2013 – Photographer Armelle Habib

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