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I finally made it to SLA! This new Amsterdam hot spot, (which isn’t that new any more because it opened in July) was on my list but somehow I never got to it. The salad bar is situated a few blocks away from the famous Albert Cuyp market and a perfect spot for lunch or a healthy dinner. Although the concept of a salad bar isn’t new to the rest of the world, it is to the Netherlands. For some reason we just don’t have them, or only a handful of them. What is innovative about SLA is their slow living approach. (continue reading after jump)SLA-270-copy-681x1024-620x932 SLA-230-copy-681x1024-620x932

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SLA uses fresh seasonal products and offers ready-to-eat salads as well as a choose your own salad bar. All salads, soups and juices, are prepared fresh daily. SLA puts high importance on sustainability, so all the meat and poultry (including eggs) are organic, as well as the grain – and dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are at least 90% organic. Beer comes from the neighborhood, the organic wine is of high quality and the coffee is fair trade.

The motto of SLA is EAT. SHARE. LIVE. This means that you cannot only eat there but there is also room for learning and sharing. Do-ers, dreamers and thinkers in the healthy food industry regularly share their take on honest food in workshops and lectures. In addition, the LAB space is available for rent, for yourself, to work or to meet up.

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