Colour of the year: Emerald Green

Hello! My name is Tina, I am an interior designer and author of the design blog Life in Sketch. I’m visiting you today because our dear friend Louise is a little under the weather. She needs to rest, because I’ll be seeing her next week at BlogTour Cologne and then again in Amsterdam. I need her in top shape so she can show us her town! I’ll be keeping you company today so Louise can take a few hours off and try and recuperate.

Remember Louise’s post last year about the colour of the year 2012 – Tangerine Tango? You may have heard, but in case you haven’t I have some fabulous news for you! Pantone has announced it’s color of 2013 – Emerald Green! I spoke about this a little on my own blog last week, but today I have some more eye candy for you. I think Pantone has picked the perfect color for this new year. I wasn’t expecting it, although I’m not really sure what I was expecting. Here in New York, it’s pretty dark and gloomy and Emerald Green is the one thing that can pick us up and put us in a good mood.
This is one of those colors that will work year round, in fashion and in interiors. Pair emerald green with black or grey and you have a winter look. Pair it with a white and you’re all set for spring. If you’re bold, pair it with another bright color and your summer fashion and interior styles are all set. It’s so diverse, you have so many options!
If you’re creative you can create four looks, one for each season, for your home. With a few minor changes you can use emerald green all throughout this coming year. Change a throw pillow or other decorative accents. Or maybe you’d like to change your bedding. Another idea is to create vignettes with different colored candles, while still incorporating green.
I was very brave last weekend. Most of my clothes are greys, blacks and navys. I bought my first bright colored pants, and they are emerald green! I’m set for 2013, are you? Do you love this color, or are you waiting for 2014? Will you be using Emerald Green in your home this year?
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8 thoughts on “Colour of the year: Emerald Green

  1. I have the impression that emerald green will be much stronger than last year’s tangerine tango. Actually, it has been there already for quite some time and is just so easy to combine. I hope we will see lots of inspiring examples. Lovely post, Tina, great to have her, Louise!

  2. Hi Tina – we met at the NYC bootcamp. How wonderful of you to pitch in here. Great job.

    I did a blogpost on Emerald Green – before it was the Pantone Color of the Year. I love – always have – the color. Maybe it’s because I’m Irish – don’t know.

    I was just asked by Newsday to be interviewed about the color – the editor found my blogpost. I did two rooms in the color – many years ago. I have photos but they aren’t that good (took the shots about 6 years ago! With my Kodak digital camera. Oh well, it was the best that I had at the time).

    Wish me luck in getting the homeowners to sya “Yeah – come on over and take the pics again!”

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