Revival of the West German Pottery

Remember those orange, red and brown vases, with the bubbling lava glazes our parents used to have in the 1950s-1970s? Well, this vintage West German pottery is currently undergoing a revival and slowly growing in popularity. If you pay attention you can see them pop up regularly in design and interior magazines. After being out of fashion for over 20 years, the ceramics are once again appreciated and collected for their style and eccentricity.

They come in a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and sizes. Some are hand-thrown, others mass-produced. Back in the days a number of West German factories produced these ceramic vases – Baykeramik, Carstens, Dumler & Breiden, Jopeko, Roth, Ruscha and Scheurich to name a few. The majority of pots has a serial number marking on the bottom to identify the brand.[continue reading after picture]

Although the brown and orange ones may be too retro for you, there are a few out there that can easily blend in with modern pieces. When grouped together with other accessories, you can create a contemporary look. West German pots also work well displayed in groups of either similar or contrasting colours. I found a bright blue vase, an aqua-mint pot, and a small grey one and created this still life as a reference to the beach and summer. Doesn’t look that retro does it?

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