Hot trend: Vertical gardening

Today’s post is written by a guest blogger: Meet Anne, a 28 -year-old copy writer who has an interest in interior and garden design and  her own garden furniture blog. As a garden and balcony blogger, she is giving us the scoop on a hot gardening trend: Vertical Gardening.

Having a kitchen-garden or vegetable garden is very popular. Unfortunately not everybody is blessed with a large garden. Growing your own herbs and produce can be a challenge when you have a small outdoor space or if you are without a garden at all. But there are always creative solutions! We will show you some of them.

Beside a traditional vegetable garden or gardening in pots, there are many lovely and creative DIY (Do It Yourself) possibilities to grow your own produce. These new concepts are the answer for owners of a very small gardens or for urban dwellers with a tiny balcony.

One of these DIY concepts that is gaining popularity is the vertical garden. A vertical garden is designed to save space in small rooms and on balconies. It enables you to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs on a wall or in a construction against a wall. A vertical garden is not only practical, but can also be a fabulous eye catcher. For example, you can create a green wall with a wooden pallet with compost and vegetable plants or herbs. Have a look at these DIY examples and get inspired.

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