Have your way with words

How would you like your coffee? With words please! The Keith Brymer Jones mugs are so funny yet so simple. My first encounter with the brand was in London, and I was so amused by the mugs, but I couldn’t take them with me in my already full suitcase. A few weeks later I found them in Amsterdam at Anna Nina. A little bit of self-mockery goes a long way so I chose “drama queen” and “overworked\underpaid”.

The “Word range” collection is proof that simplicity can be interesting and beautiful. The whole collection is sleek and white with typewriter lettering imprints in basic colours. There are over 60 imprints to choose from. You also have bowls, egg cups, tea sets and more. Watch the funny video below to see more words.

keith brymer jones mugs

keith brymer jones mugs 2

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