The BOOM Lamp

As the days are getting shorter, I have to turn on my lights earlier than a few weeks ago. That made me think of a lamp I discovered a while ago at one of my favourite home decor stores Emma Biemans Interieur in Leiden. I frequently drop in for a chat and to browse her chic and stylish home decor items.(read my blog post about the shop here). Emma pointed out the design lamp above the table, called the BOOM lamp. Boom means tree in Dutch. Designer of the BOOM is Erwin Slierings. He wanted to create a lamp that is timeless, close to nature yet modern. Slierings uses 100% approved plantation teak which ensures the development and reservation of nature. The wood contains natural oils giving it a natural gleam. It uses LED components and has a dimmer. The BOOM lamp matches with any interior style, from industrial to country style, and at home as well as in an office space.

BOOM lamp boom lamp Boom Lamp IMG_6113

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