Bar Botanique in Amsterdam

Earlier this week I spent the afternoon in Amsterdam East. East is upping its game with a lot of new hip restaurants and interesting stores. One of those new edgy places, is Bar Botanique, café tropique on the corner of Eerste van Swindenstraat and Pontanusstraat. As the name already suggests it is  a tropical escape in the city. The interior is packed with lush tropical plants. But that’s not all.

Bar BotaniqueBar Botanique

Designed by Studio Modijefsky, the interior design of Bar Botanique also has many references to the historical function of the space: a gymnastics hall. You’ll see many hanging elements, geometric shapes and rings holding plants from the ceiling. Organic motifs, glass racks with light tubes and the furniture details honour its history.

Bar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar Botanique - copyrighted 30s Magazine-3147

The mirrored ceiling and high windows make it a very light space. In the front there is the café where you can have breakfast, coffee or lunch. In the back there is the entresol and souterrain, both functioning as dining areas. Marble tables and velvet benches give it a Parisian vibe.

I tried the eggs benedict with smoked salmon on spelt bread and a latte for lunch. Two thumbs up!

Bar Botanique is open daily from 09.00 – 01.00 and on Friday and Saturday till 3 a.m.

Bar Botanique – Eerste van Swindenstraat 581 – Amsterdam oost/east

Bar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar BotaniqueBar Botaniqueimg_8879img_8872img_8857


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