Weekendtip: Hike a Heather Trail

As the autumn approaches we get to experience the blooming of the heather fields in its full galore. Who doesn’t like the colourful landscape, and the sound of the buzzing bees in a heather field? In the Netherlands you’ll find most of the heather sceneries in the east in National Park De Hoge Veluwe, and in National Park the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

My favourite so far however, is the breathtaking scenery at National Park Veluwezoom. Autumnal pinks and purples stretch as far as you can see in a beautiful hilly landscape. A great starting point is Restaurant De Posbank where you have a magnificent view. From there, you can start several hiking trails through the fields and woods. The trail I took led past a peacock farm with snow white peacocks, fields with sheep, a forest that smelled like Christmas, and along calming creeks, and moss covered hills. Do watch out for all the crossing beetles! 🙂 It’s a perfect way to relax and reclaim a day of peace and mindfulness.

In this first photo you see the immensity of nature’s beauty. A hiker is just an insignificant dot amongst autumn foliage.

nature's beauty

heather field Heather field NL bench in heatherfield

Heather trail heather nature

woods Veluwse zoom veluwe beetle forest

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