A Weekend in Paris: Window Sills and Balconies

Although most people love to travel to Paris in spring, I prefer late summer. Early September is an excellent time to go, when temperatures are still high and the shops are presenting their new collections. It’s warm enough to have dinner on a terrace outside, to bike around and most importantly, to lie in the grass at the Eiffel Tower and admire its magnitude.

One of my photography habits is to take pictures of doors wherever I go. (see my blogpost about doors here). In London I always photograph everything red. (see my blogpost London Red). In Paris I’m captivated by the quaint balconies and window sills. I just love the curly iron details of Parisian balconies, and the wooden shutters in bright colours. But most of all I like the vibrant pops of colour of blooming flowers that adorn the window sills.

Do you have a photography habit when travelling?

Paris balconies

Parasian balconies 4 Parasian balconies3 Parasian windows 2 Paris balconies 2 Paris balconies 5 Paris windows Parisian balconies

Parasian facade parasian shutters Parisian window sill

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