Ladder Love: Storage for Pots and Pans

It’s been a while since my last Ladder Love post. That’s because I was a bit late with taking down my Christmas decorations due to being ill. I haven’t been creative again with my ladder since I decorated it for Christmas (see here). So currently, my ladder is functioning as a decorative piece again with warm winter throws and pillows (see here).

Earlier this week I came across this photo of another way to utilize a ladder in your decor. I do believe that you need some nice copper or colorful pots and pans to pull this one off though. My pans wouldn’t grace the rungs nor adorn my decor. It’s an inventive way to storage your cooking ware, and also to display them. And it gives you easy access while you’re slaving over the stove. Would you also like to get a ladder like mine or like the one below? You can get them here or here.

ladder kitchen

Photo source: http://simply–

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