Ladder Love: Hang your plants

It’s been a while since my last tip how to decorate with a ladder. Using a ladder as a decorative object is still very hip and trendy, and I’m still happy with mine. Lately I’ve been using it to hold my plants and a throw on my balcony. That way it’s decorative and also functional […]

Ladder Love: For your Valentine

Surround yourself with symbols of love and jazz up your decorative ladder rungs for Valentine’s day with just a few simple accessories. You instantly get an affectionate atmosphere with heartfelt homemade decorations like a doillies garland, or a blooming bulb in a vintage tea cup. Then pull it together with a romantic flower arrangement and […]

Ladder Love: Storage for Pots and Pans

It’s been a while since my last Ladder Love post. That’s because I was a bit late with taking down my Christmas decorations due to being ill. I haven’t been creative again with my ladder since I decorated it for Christmas (see here). So currently, my ladder is functioning as a decorative piece again with […]

Ladder Love: Grace your rungs for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas…or at least at my home. I have taken down all autumn and Thanksgiving decorations and I’m slowly bringing in the Christmas ornaments. My ladder has also been prettified. I embellished my ladder with baubles but you can also adorn the rungs with your Christmas cards, lights, or hanging tea […]

Ladder Love: Countdown to Christmas

Today I’m sharing my second post in the Ladder Love series: a series of blog posts showing you how to decorate a ladder for the holidays. Earlier this week you could see how I decorated the rungs of a ladder for Thanksgiving. But what to do with your ladder after Thursday? Easy… use it as […]

Ladders aren’t just for climbing

A while ago I bought this white wash painted wooden Moroccan decorative ladder. You might have seen it in stores, or magazines, where it is often used in a bathroom  as a towel rack. But there are many more ways to utilize the ladder, hitting two birds with one stone. Of course you can use […]

Bringing the outdoors in

After being cooped up all winter, we all crave to go outside and enjoy nature. However, you can also bring nature inside your home. Whether it’s a new plant, fresh flowers, woven baskets made of natural fibers, cotton branches, an urchin, coral or pebbles and shells from the beach. Incorporating natural elements into your space […]