Crush on Bolia’s new luxury collection

I’m currently swooning over the new autumn/winter collection by home decor store Bolia. The collection is a homage to the avant-garde style of the 70’s but with a sleek Scandinavian interpretation. 

The Bolia collection exudes luxury with its rich fabrics and exclusive materials. Think glimmering brass pegs and details, soft and shiny velvet sofas, extravagant marble tables and dark woods. The furniture pieces and shapes are also very 70’s; the pouf is back, or display your record player and vinyls music collection on a special cabinet.

Together with World renounced designers such as Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Kaschkasch and Yonoh Estudio, Bolia gives us bang for a buck and makes a luxurious home decor better attainable. 

Photos courtesy of Bolia

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