Vault Bar Amsterdam

Cocktails at The Vault Bar in Amsterdam


Vault Bar Amsterdam

Amsterdam has gained another top-level cocktail bar; The Vault Cocktail Bar. The newly opened hotspot is situated in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel. The Vault Bar’s name and concept is inspired by the location’s former function, namely a bank vault. Thick walls, a vault wheel on the entrance door, and a wall covered with bank lockers revert back to yester years. The cocktail menu however, is nothing but classical. Expect groundbreaking mixology that takes you on a sensory journey around the world.

Vault DoorVault Bar


The key to success is presentation 

The Vault Bar offers a true cosmopolitan experience that tickles all the senses. The unique cocktails and the bar’s concept are of the creative minds of two Portuguese brothers Wilson and Tiago. The two bartenders go beyond tickling just the taste buds. They also take you on a visual journey. Don’t expect a regular menu card, but instead a wallet filled with different currencies, each presenting a cocktail with ingredients and flavours inspired by a different country. When you have a closer look at the bills you’ll notice that it has drawings of the two brothers on it. Even the bites come in a small change box.

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The American Dollar for example gets you a mix of a.o. Licor 43, Galliano, candied blood orange, infused Coca Cola and sweet popcorn. But it doesn’t stop at the ingredients. The American cocktail is presented in a classic popcorn box and topped with real edible popcorn!

Vault Bar Amsterdam
Balanced flavours

The Thai Baht bill buys you a tropical cocktail with Pandan infused pampero white rum, kaffir, limoncello, coconut and lemon grass, and laos. One sip and you are instantly transported to Asia. It is amazing how all the different distinct flavours, spicy and sweet, fruity and bitter are balanced and complement as well as contrast each other. The Thai cocktail is presented in an ice-cream cone, topped with cotton-candy and a cherry on top.

Vault Bar Amsterdam

My friend sampled the Brazilian cocktail served in an espresso pot, and the Dirham bought her an elegant flute filled with a mix of Arabic flavours o.a. fermented dades, tumeric, candied citrus and saffron infused woodford reserve bourbon. In total there are 10 different cocktails with a surprising twist and international allure. However, if you’re not into travelling the world, there is also the option to order a more common classic cocktail mix, a glass of wine or liquor. There is also a fine selection of cigars.

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The exciting cocktail experience is ofcourse not complete without some scrumptious bites by Executive Chef Sidney Schutte. Think flamküche or foie gras lollipops.

The Vault Bar

open daily from 18:00 – 01:00

Herengracht 542-556, Amsterdam




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