5 Unique luxury experiences in Tulum

Booking a holiday to Tulum soon? Fill your vacation with some amazing and still affordable luxury experiences

Booking a holiday to the bohemian beach paradise of Tulum soon? Fill your vacation with some amazing luxury experiences that are affordable and unique. You don’t have to break the bank or strain yourself to get the most out of your stay and steer away from the regimented beach – eat – sleep – repeat pattern. These five hand-picked  experiences give you the chance to live the lifestyle of your dreams while you’re in Tulum and are wonderful alternatives to an otherwise monotonous beach day.



Rejuvenate at the Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa

At the Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa located directly opposite the Be Tulum Hotel, you’ll find, what I consider, one of the world’s best spas. My treatment was a life-changing luxury journey that I will remember forever. My session was not only healing and relaxing but allowed a window of self-consciousness and a release of stagnant and blocked emotions.

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Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa is a mix of modern and Mayan rituals. Set in sumptuous tropical gardens you will be immersed in a magical journey of the senses.  The complimentary Healing Waters Circuit takes you through hot and cold baths, hydrotherapie pools, a  fresh herbs incensed steam room and a Swedish sauna. For the steam room they will prepare you a detoxing scrub of fresh herbs and clay that leaves your skin soft and shiny like a baby.

I was then led into a stilted hut where I was greeted by a hearty woman, Gloria, who performed an amazing massage and healing treatment on my sensitive muscles and worn out body. First, warm copal smoke was transferred across my body to cleanse my energy field.  A singing bowl transferred me to total surrender. Then she started to move and stretch my limps in different positions to alleviate the pain.  An out-pour of blocked emotions and tears were illicited when she started to gently stroke my back and neck with a warming scented oil.  Afterwards she gave me a loving hug to sooth me and comforted me that I didn’t have to feel awkward because crying during a massage was actually a good thing. It was a soul healing experience I will never forget. https://yaanwellness.com/

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Visit the art gallery Sfer IK at Azulik

The grandson of Peggy Guggenheim opened this art gallery, Sfer IK, in the luxurious eco friendly resort Azulik in early 2018. The art gallery’s architecture is amazing with wave-like cement walls and undulating vine floors. You almost forget to look at the art as you walk through the surreal space. https://www.sferik.art/

TIP: Are you an art afficionado? Visit the Casa Malca hotel, housed in the estate once owned by infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar. New York art collector Lio Malca renovated and turned the estate into a hotel boasting with contemporary art sculptures and paintings.

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Fine Dining at Nü or Ocumare

Dining at is a must for every epicurean visiting Tulum.  The restaurant is led by Cesar Castañeda, who was elected as one of Mexico’s 10 best Chefs under 30 by Gourmet Magazine. Indulge in a modern take on authentic Mexican cuisine with use of local and regional products and ingredients. I enjoyed the green ceviche with Cucumber, green tomato, onions, green apple and white beans. As a main I had a lovely octopus with a peanut sauce. The flavours are delicate and pure. The service is outstanding! https://www.nutulum.com/

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At Ocumare, inside the BE Tulum resort, award-winning Michelin Star Chef Mauricio Giovanini created a restaurant based on the shared dining concept. You get to share and sample small dishes that are inspired by flavours from around the world. The setting is tropical and inviting with warm wooden, wicker and bamboo furniture.

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Private cenote diving tour and guided cave exploration

There are over 6000 cenotes in Yucatan, one being more magical than the other. A visit to Tulum is not complete without taking a refreshing dip in at least one of them. But what’s even more special is a private cenote diving tour and guided cave exploration. You get to swim, wade and snorkel in the crystalline water of Mexico’s largest underground river. Partially submerged tunnels are connecting the cenote’s open-air sections with each other. This luxurious but also adventurous activity is not for the faint-at-heart though as you may encounter bats. https://www.tulumunderground.com/

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Glamping at Navitus or Habitas

Glamping is the new luxury as people increasingly enjoy to unplug and immerse themselves in nature. It is the perfect marriage between five star luxury and being deep in the pristine wilderness, where simplicity and disconnection prevail as the utmost extravagance. In Tulum there are multiple glamping resorts but my two favourites are Navitus and Habitas. Both guarantee an once-in-a-life-time experience where you will wake up right in the serenity of the Mayan jungle.


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