And then there was Gloei

I ran into these awesome lamps a few weeks ago at Loods 5 and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.  I’m talking about the stylish floor lamps from the new Dutch brand Gloei which means glow in Dutch. Designers are Tessa Bosman and Herman Pruijssers. I can imagine they create a cozy and warm vibe to any space be it modern, classical, or any other style. The brand Gloei grew out of a desire to create something reminiscent of designs and shapes from foregone times. The design pair has translated old designs to current standards with a wink to the past still visible in shape and choice of materials. Each lamp is fully produced in the Netherlands. The wood is American oak, and the lamp shades’ designs are limited editions and are being alternated occassionally. This makes them unique and gives them character. The floor lamps are available in two sizes and are €400.

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