The Suicide Club Rotterdam

Hotspot Rotterdam: The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club Rotterdam

The most hip and hot Dutch rooftop bar and restaurant of this summer is The Suicide Club in Rotterdam. The hip and über-stylish hotspot, that opened last year, brought international allure to the growing cosmopolitan city center. With an outdoor roof terrace and bar, and indoor bar and restaurant, it draws in crowds during sultry summer evenings, as well as during the other seasons. But be prepared; The Suicide Club does require a membership (obtainable within 2 clicks and no fee, piece of cake).

The Suicide Club Rotterdam

Although The Suicide Club opened its doors in June 2015, it might still be a hidden gem though, due to its somewhat secretive entrance. It is located on top of the Groothandelsgebouw (trade building) adjacent to Rotterdam Central station. To reach it, you first have to take a service elevator that drops you of in the kitchen, yes the kitchen. After a friendly smile towards the chief cook you step into the restaurant, where the panoramic view as well as the interior design leave you in awe. Feast your eyes on emerald green tiled walls and a bar, gold rimmed marble tables, faux snake leather bar stools and zebra print seats. As a backdrop you’ll be admiring Rotterdams high rise buildings, downtown, and views stretching as far as the harbour.

The Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club Rotterdam

Cocktail sipping

The Suicide club is a perfect spot to go to for cocktails. There’s a cozy area where you can lounge, you can sit at the bar, or in summer you can go and sit outside on the roof terrace. The cocktail menu has some classic mixes as well as edgy and exotic ones. I tried and tasted the Little Geisha; a cocktail with Hana Hou Hou sparkling rose sake, pear and St Germain liqor. Sweet and refreshing! Another one I liked is the Naughty Flamingo: a cocktail with Belvedere pink grapefruit vodka and lemongrass. Also refreshing with an exotic fling. My sister had the Dark & Wait for it…with spiced rum, fever tree ginger beer and lime.

The Suicide Club Rotterdam IMG_0920

The Suicide Club RotterdamThe Suicide Club Rotterdam

Shared Dining/Lunch

The Suicide Club in Rotterdam is open from lunch time till after midnight. We went for dinner on Thursday, when there’s also live jazz music. They use the popular shared dining principle where you can order multiple mid-size dishes to share with your party. The dishes are approx. €9. Another option is the “chef’s table” of either 8 or more surprise dishes (€40). The menu is a mix of Asian, Mediterranean and tropical flavours. You could say it’s cosmopolitan, as are the cutlery; you can eat with chopsticks, fork and spoon, or with your hands.


As starters we had 3 cold starters: focaccia bread with pastrami, seaweed butter and beurre noisette, and a bowl of coconut cream with crudite style carrot, cucumber, radish and paksoi. Loved the cream, and healthy too! Third we indulged in an octopus terrine with red pepper, chipotle, and cru de cacao

The Suicide Club Rotterdam IMG_0915 IMG_0916

Next up was the thinly sliced pork belly with caramel of smoked dates and Jerusalem artichoke. A very fine combination of sweet, bitter and salty flavours.


My favourite were the coquilles with green peas cream and asparugus. A perfect spring dish!

The Suicide Club Rotterdam

I also loved the Caribbean inspired char siu of pork neck with cassave root.


And last but not least, we had the Red mullet with verjuice-jelly and roasted chicory. Again a tasty explosion of different flavours.

The Suicide Club Rotterdam

For dessert we were treated to a Dark chocolate with a praline of smoked butter and moscovado ice cream. By then, it was already dark, so I couldn’t take a photo of it. I also recommend their coffee, it’s really good!

It was a delicious and pleasant night out, with good food, friendly service, a stunning panoramic view, and tasty cocktails. For reservation, the menu and more information:


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